When I was younger I really loved art lessons. Unfortunately, in higher classes I didn't have one anymore (you must focus on learning! Ugh.) I extremely enjoyed drawing nature, still life, abstractions (especially the one I didn't understand ,but I was pretending I know what I am painting and it has a very interesting meaning ,which I was just about to fabricate). I was so happy for this lessons, in contrast to most of my classmates ( they were always unhappy about being dirty and painting 'stupid' unnecessary things). I was first to enter the classroom and last to leave it. 

Till today I truly enjoy the action of sitting with simple pencil ( it doesn't has to be a professional one) in hand and by different directions of lines, create the integrity. Now, when I am a university student ,and my nose is all year around in books, I almost forgot how to draw! Happily holidays are already close and maybe I will find (I promise myself to find!) time for something that really makes me happy.

These are few of my drawings, based on Alice in Wonderland book's drawings. I love this book (it's so magical!).



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  1. Wow! These are beautiful!

  2. You gave my first pencil so because of You my story with art began. Thank You