Food memories

I am really lucky if it goes about traveling. My parents, when I was very little, decided to take me with my two younger brothers, and show us a piece of world. So, we was traveling each summer with caravan and tents around different countries. Sleeping with a view on the sea, visiting museums, sunbathing, walking where Ancient Greeks walked. Amazing memories.

If there is one thing, I truly remember from each travel, it must be food. I am extremely big food lover. In each city I must visit local market and try local dishes. I don't need five star hotel, but I need five star food, which not always I find in restaurants. If I see small bakery, from which I can smell aroma of freshly baked rolls, I run in it and buy one piece of each sweet to try them all.

There is no better way to feel the atmosphere of place than feel the taste of it. In each country we try to find local specialties on streets. Because local people know best how to prepare food. They have old recipes from their grand grand grand mothers, which is right now in fifth generation. They modern it, but main ingredients are same. Oh. I made myself hungry. But the true is I am always hungry. Hungry of traveling, adventures, feelings. And I hope I will always feel this hunger.

What is Your favourite thing about traveling?



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  1. You can't beat all the delicious and different foods when your travelling, definitely one of my favourite things too!

    Cass | CassandraMyee