Summer to do list.

Summer is a special time for most of us. Finally after a year of learning and hard working we have few days of relax. Knowing that this time is unfortunately limited I always try to do my best to use it all. To consume every single minute I have. So that I refill myself ,properly, with energy for another year.

There is nothing better than a beach, right? Sunshines on a skin, suntan, warm sand and water. Lying and doing nothing, or maybe just following with sight behind seagulls on the sky or eating tenth portion of icecreams.

I love to grab food, take my dog with me and go straight in to the park for little picnic! No matter what I have to do after, a few minutes on the grass with a delicious piece of cake, maybe some book to read, makes everything easier to deal with after,

Who don't like sunsets? The most amazing one I had pleasure to see was in West Lulworth.Warm air, friends around me, no stress that I have to hurry somewhere. It was almost magical.

I've already mentioned picnics in parks, but! It is never enough of green around us! I love to spend the entire day on my own, strolling among trees and bushes. I love to be in my secret place and I'm lucky to have one in the park. I can sit there all day, drawing, lying, singing. Just on my own.

But! The best about holidays is exploring new places! The places you've never been before, but always wanted to! It don't have to be far away. The adventure can be just around the corner. Finding new places in your own city can be as big experience as travelling to another country. I love seeing antique columns, museums, pieces of another cultures, ohh, But I also love finding small cute cafe's in my own city, old bridges and churches. 



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  1. This was a lovely list :) I agree, you can have an adventure finding new places in your own city! I hope you are having a wonderful summer :)


    1. Thank You so much! And hope same for You, so sad that summer is only once a year. ;)