Food memories: breakfast.

Breakfast is a real pleasure for me. You wake up and finally after many hours of not eating you can throw something inside you. But I hate just throwing food inside me. I like to do a little ceremony from it. What I like the most is going out with my friend and eating something together. Food connect people. I must admit it. And what I admit also is that I have tones of memories with eating.

One that I will never forget is with my younger cousin. It was her last day at my place and I wanted to take her for breakfast market in city next to mine. It turned out that it's closed (no idea why) and we had half hour before we had to come back for a train. We found a little pancakes cafe and ordered there amazing pancakes with white cheese and strawberries. We waited 20 minutes for them and ate them in 5 minutes. We were stressed out about being late for a train and after the fastest breakfast ever in my life we had to drive back to my city to catch the train. Happily we managed to do this and the rest of our trip was calm and less stressful.

I love to wake up earlier and prepare myself a nice breakfast and eat it while reading favorite book or magazine or listening the birds in my garden which try to wake up everyone around. I found that a great morning will cause my entire day great. 

Do You agree? 



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  1. Hello Sister :) Breakfast is my favourite meal time too! I love the food of breakfast - i love toast, jam, cereal, fruit, tea, croissants, pain au chocolat, bacon, fried tomatoes... I am terrible arent i? My favourite breakfast is when i am staying in the city and go out for breakfast in the morning. My favourite is the bread basket at Carluccio's. Delicious! xxx - if you would like to email me, my email address is

    1. Yes, You're terrible! You made me even more hungry ;) Basically You said everything I like too.