Others life.

Others life

I always wanted to be
a ballet dancer
an astronaut
a firefighter.

I dreamed about others life
hoping my can be same great as theirs.

I always wanted to be
an actress
a doctor
a director.

I always wanted to be like others.
But I never thought about being
Just Me.

How I can live my own life
when I don't want to be myself?
When I am hoping to live others life.

I hope one day I will appreciate myself
and let me be
Who I am.


5 komentarze

  1. This is beautiful, i love your poetry. The key to happiness is to accept yourself and appreciate what you have. Until you are content in your own body, you cannot be content with the world around you!


    1. You're right. But it's so hard to be content with yourself. Thank You for nice comment.

  2. The way you wrote this was so beautiful and sad, there is no one in the world that is You and that is YOUR power!


    1. Thank You very much for such sweet opinion. Being honest with You I really like writing poems and I would like to write more of them. Maybe mainly focus on them..
      And every comment like that helps me.

  3. This is really good! and so so true! We spend so much time thinking about how amazing and perfect other people's lives seem that we often forget to start living our own.