Picnic time.

Through my entire life I've never had a picnic before. I mean real picnic with plates, cutlery, bowls of fruits, trays with ham, bread and cheese (not the one with crisps and juice on nearest playground with your sandpit friends). Never before I drink a mint lemonade, made a day before, from a jar. It was my first time when I was sitting on the blankets, chatting with my family and eating amazing tart we made ourselves. Weather was wonderful. Sun was shining and there was not even one cloud on the sky! 
The tart I made (with my lovely younger cousin) for this special occasion was a shortbread bottom with sour cream and fruits. 

Ingredients for bottom:
1 large egg yolk 
2 teaspoons of cold water 
155 grams of whole wheat flour (type 2000) 
50 grams caster sugar (or brown)
Pinch of salt
115 grams of cold butter

As always mix ingredients in bowl and wrap in foil and cool in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Ingredients for cream:
2 large eggs
225 g of sour cream (18%)
55 g creme fraiche (you can replace it with sour cream)
100 g of sugar 
1 tablespoon of flour 
Pinch of salt
Fruits (frozen or fresh) 

All the ingredients (besides friuts) for the cream mix until you get smooth consistency. 

Bake the base for 15 minutes and then seal together with the cream and bake for another 30 minutes. And voile! 
Hope it will taste same as for me ( or maybe it was so delicious because of the atmosphere and family around me? so gather your family in one place and enjoy it together!). 

Do you like picnics? 



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  1. This sounds delicious!!!!!!!! I'll have to give this a try because it sounds delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're photography is phenomenal for your posts!! I love your blog a lot! It's super positive and uplifting and makes me happy!


    1. Thank You so much. I just started and it's so nice if there is someone that appreciate my work.