Woman wears dress.

I am a woman, but not always I want to be reminded about this. I remember one situation from primary school. I was sitting at my desk when vice- director of the school came in. She was a woman. I don't remember what for she came, but I remember what she said to me: ' sit straight and with your legs merged.'  Of course I had to replay: what for? 'What if you were wearing skirt? 'But I'm not!' Discussion was pointless. I had to sit straight and keep my legs closed. But I remember boys laugh. I don't know if this situation (or just the fact that I was more of the sporty type girl) cause ,that I was wearing dresses only on special occasions. Few years had to pass when I really felt the need to be more feminine and fall in love with dresses. But right now I can't imagine a week without wearing them at least once. I found them so easy to wear. You can just throw it on, put some sweater, necklace and you're ready. Here some of my favorites!

 dress - Zara

My first one is maxi dress. It's really fitted and tight. When I first try it on I was sure I want be able to get in it (it stuck on my head, half down and half waiting to put on, I almost choked) that's how the material is thick. But once you put it on you don't want to take it of. It's so flattering.

dress - Zara

When my friend saw it once she said: wow, that's wild. And I agree. But I love it. It's slightly shorter on one side. It reminds me of a gypsy or bohemian style. This bright colour and flower print makes me already more happy. 

dress - Zara, kimono - Bershka

This dress is extremely simple. But sometimes such things you can use the most. I pair it with kimono to spice it a little bit. 

dress - Zara

This dress is not the best looking on the hanger. It's a really nice dress with belt. I wish I had such in blue colour as well. Perfect lenght. 

dress - Zara

I love lace details. And this dress has one on cleavage. On the backs it has hole. It is made from a very beautiful material that looks very elegant.

What do You think about wearing dresses?


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  1. All this dress looks awsome. Love it <3

    1. Thank You so much for coming here! (and commenting) xxx

  2. All this dress looks awsome. Love it <3