Another tea reflections.

If there is any good time for me to think I will use it. We love thinking, considering, re-happening things in our minds. I think it's human being thing. We all like to analyse and disassemble everything in to smaller pieces. Why we do this? Do we feel safer after rethinking every single detail? I think so. Maybe we understand something more after many hours of inside battle. Or maybe we just hope for it.

The thing with me is that it's not so simple for me. After I will finally find a calm place, sit myself comfortably and try to clean my mind, I am already to tired to think and what's more- to analyse. I just fall asleep (or my minds just flow around my head without any sense and I can't catch them). I also think its pointless to JUST think. I rather prefer to DO something. So, what works for me is taking my friend to some little cafe (or my place) and during sipping tea- talk. Some problems are unsolvable. But it doesn't mean You should already give up. Sometimes, even the small improvement in the situation can help someone find detour ,if there is no direct way. This way, we don't give up waiting for a prince on white horse but we DO something. And that's what works for me. I am extremely grateful for my friends who can not only listen me and not judge but also can give me great advice, so that I am not closed with my crazy minds on my own. 

Do You have any ideas how to solve problems? 



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  1. I like to go for a nice walk in the woods near my house and listen to music on my own and think out situations. Once I do that I often go to my closest friends and ask them their opinions on the solutions I came up with, usually they offer their own advice to make my problems better and it usually works out :)


  2. It's great idea. Fresh air helps clear the mind. Thanks for reading! Love You.