Peanut butter cookies!

Personally I love sweets. It's a remedy for everything. Twisted ankle- ice creams (ice on the ankle, ice in my mouth). Bad degree- chocolate cake. Sad history (whilst watching movie or in my life) - shortbread caramel cake. Sweets are everywhere. I'm going to cinema- jelly beans and popcorn. Shopping centre- chocolate cafe, pancakes, sweets shops. Streets- bagels, croissants, crisps. Even in hospital there is a pharmacy where you can buy a gum (yeah, I know it contain some extra vitamin C but it's still a sweet). And yet, I swear I know few people that prefer to eat a steak instead of chocolate cake! And generally they are not the biggest fan of sweets.

Anyway, every time I have a sweet tooth I try not to keep myself away from anything that contain sugar, but instead of eating something pre-done I like to bake something on my own. 

This is recipe for my favourites few minutes (of doing and eating!) peanut cookies.

Half cup of brown sugar
Half a teaspoon of salt 
115 g butter
115 g of peanut butter
1 egg
1 cup whole wheat flour 
Teaspoon of vanilla extract 

Stir until mixture is creamy and fluffy. 
Bake for 7-10 minutes at 200 degrees. Cool them on a wire rack (they will be be very soft and need to harden). 

Bon Apetit! 



6 komentarze

  1. Yum! Great post, I'll have to try baking again!

  2. these look awesome, thanks for sharing!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Thanks! It was so hard not to eat them before taking photos. :)

  3. I love baking too and this post is making me so sad that I don't like peanut butter :( they look so good

    1. What about almond butter? Maybe You should try this one, or maybe cashew butter. ;)