Pictures and words.

Art is a hard thing. To understand and to create. Personally I don't understand a modern art. All those lines in different directions and in different colors. Or simple dots amongst smudges of paint. I have no idea what the author's idea was. And even if he/she would explain it to me looking straight in to my eyes, I wouldn't understand anyway. It's just not my style. But maybe my imaginary is just different, and words and pictures came out of me in different forms. Or maybe people don't have to know and explain everything what they're doing. And art should be not explainable but maybe feel-able? 

I remember that when I was much younger, paintings in the museum wasn't something interesting for me. Right now I regret I didn't pay more attention to them. Because through art (paintings, sculptures) people were expressing themselves and époques they lived in. 

I'm so glad and thankful to my parents who bought me my first brushes, pencils and paints. Without them and their support I wouldn't be able to express myself. 

Art is something that helps soul gets emotions. And this is one of the reasons, that make people more like a humans, not beasts. And that's why I love art.



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  1. Great post, just as your all blog. :) Follow me if you like it and I will follow back :*

  2. It's amazing! I love it! I've got the most talented cousin in the world. I know that express yourself is hard, but you can do this and you do this better than anyone I know. xoxo ~Agatha (sorry for my language mistakes) :)

  3. I wish I had paid more attention in art class! I love your art, it's also hard for me to understand modern art but I do appreciate it.