Woman wears bag.

bag- designer Zuzia Górska

Woman's bag is a mystery. I swear. Every time I buy a new bag, I feel so excited that I hardly put anything in it (what if something will scratch my new bag?!). But after few weeks my almost empty bag turns into almost full bag! And I am asking myself: how all of this staff fits here? Did I borrow one of Hermione Granger bags (that can fits inside entire library)?  

bagpack- River Island

But truth is that I love big bags. Besides things like wallet (that you must always have with you because of moneys and thousand ID cards) I always keep books, notebooks and other educational gadgets. Water bottle, some snack, old receipts, lonely coins, pens, more pens, all colour pens?!, tissues, wet tissues, hygienic tissues, deodorant tissues, makeup bag, more receipts, lonely walnut?, sunglasses, piece of jewellery I was wearing last time and took it off when I was washing my hands, headphones.

bag- flea market

Too much staff. Too much. Few more years and I will definitely get scoliosis on one arm. 

bag- Parfois

But on the other hand, what can be better than your friend asking you about having scissors and your smile when you can say: yes, I have them! 

bag- H&M

Did I forgot to mention about something in my bag?



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  1. Your bags are SO CUTE! I love the one with thats plain leather with straps! I'm amazed you're able to fit so much in such small bags!!



    1. Thank You so much! Actually they are bigger than they look. ;)