Woman wears summer shoes.

shoes - Apia

There is a proverb that: hands and shoes tell everything about the person. I can totally agree with it. There is no excuse to have a dirt under your nails (I'm not thinking about time when you're working in ground etc.) and dirt on your shoes. My mom always repeats that I should take care of them and clean them from time to time. If you're cleaning your shoes and impregnating them ,that must mean you're a solid person and responsibility is nothing strange to you. I like to take care of my shoes, but without any lies, it takes a lot of time! So I'm so happy that the summer is finally here and I can just sweep the dirt with one move from my thin, small summer shoes. 

shoes- Ecco

The only problem I have with such shoes is that my feet not really cooperate with them. They all have a thin sole and after few hours of walking in them, my feet gets scratches and blisters, that heals very slowly and painfully.

shoes- Gino Rossi

But summer lasts so short! And I am able to sacrifice myself, during this few weeks of warm sunshine, to show as many inches of my body as it's possible, to produce as many vitamin D as I can, so it lasts me through the entire winter until the next summer time.

shoes- Zara



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  1. I learnt to clean shoes from my mom who is very particular about it!

    1. I'm so glad and thankful to someone who created moms!

  2. I love your taste in shoes to much!!!!

    Haha my mom was/is the same, she always makes me take care of them and is SUPER clean on my having clean shoes!



    1. seems to me like without our moms we would walk in dirty shoes! Thanks for comment. ;)