Woman wears sweater.

sweater- Stradivarius

I love rain. Seriously. Air is fresh, grass seems to be more green. Plants love it- so I love it. But after another week of rain when I am sitting at home ,when I should be sitting and sunbathing on the beach ,I think I have a right to say: rain, I hate you. It's summer time! I mean, shouldn't it be hot outside and I be sweaty? It looks for me like the answer is: no. So instead of taking out from my wardrobe some nice halter tops and bathing suits, I am taking out sweaters. Lots of sweaters. 

sweater- Zara

sweater- Primark

sweater- H&M

sweater- H&M

sweater- Reserved
sweater- Zara

Forgive me creases, I hate ironing.


2 komentarze

  1. They're all so cute. And they looks really comfortable. The second one, fourth and sixth are the best for me.

  2. I absoloutely adore all those sweaters! Sweater weather is my favourite! I wish we had Primark where I come from bc their stuff if SO cute!!