Month of reading.

If someone would ask 10- years old me: do you like reading? I would answer: I don't read. I swear, I hated reading. I don't know why, because a year later I was called a 'reader of the year' by school library. My love to books changed dramatically. From not reading at all, I changed into walking library. If I took one book on the first break, at the end of the school day I was done with it and my steps were to library to take another book. Happily my love to literature is still with me. And I can't imagine not reading something every day. Nowadays, when we have internet, its not possible not to read at least someone's blog. But I truly enjoy the actual paper version. I would love to quickly describe few books, I've been really enjoying this month.

I love Carries videos, so I decided to give this book a try. And it was worth it. The book is full of great advices and funny stories. It's really easy to read ,but at the same time you don't have the feeling of reading trashy easy to read stories, like harlequins. I am also thinking about buying audio version of this book, which is read by an author. And it contain more than book, like some songs and extra dialogs. I can't wait for her new book!

'Life with Sprinkle of Glitter' by Louise Pentland. Another Youtuber. But I love Louise's great, positive humour. Bad day- Louise video. Watching her videos I have this feeling of having chatty time with my best friend. And I had the same with her book. We see their life on the screen, but only pieces they will choose. So it's nice to read all of theirs classic human stories, even if you're really down to earth as Louise is. The book is full of funny stories, like one about dating with tampon man, but it's also describing moments of cry and stress like meeting with Kylie Minogue. 

'One million lovely letters' by Jodi Ann Bickley. It's sad book. Describing fight with illness and life after this. Even though the language is simple and you have the feeling of reading a teenage diary, the situations she is talking about makes you feel helpless. But don't worry. The author is finding some sun lights in dark. This book is also about hope and trust, and how to defeat fears. 

Poetry by Emily Dickinson. Not everyone likes poetry. But I think we all should give it a try. This American poet can really move the heart. I won't describe each poem because I would spent years on it. But may I say that I love especially the 'If I should die' and 'Why do I love You, Sir?'. 

I hope that some of this short and failed tries to make you interested about any of this book, will actually work and you will read something. 
Please let me know if so! 



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