10 of the Best Feelings

1. I love waking up in sun lights. Even when my blinds are still down, I love to see this little sunshines trying to break through inside. I love to lie on the sofa in the living room and bask in sun. 

2. There is noting better ,when I wake up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty and next to me is standing glass of water. I don't even want to imagine ,what if that water would be cold! 

3. Waiting for my friend I didn't see in a while. And this nervous thoughts in my minds. From which way she will come from. What I should tell her first. Can I throw myself into her arms? I missed her so much.

4. When my mom is doing caramel for the shortbreads, and I am standing next to her, waiting for her to stop putting it on them. And I am waiting for few words: you can take the rest. Hurray! Rest is mine! Caramel is mine. I can lick the spoon. 

5. When you put a lot of effort and you see results, you're so happy. Every year I am planting something. Sweat pease, herbs. It's so nice to see it growing. Firstly I can see one little stalk. Then some fresh curly leaves. And at the end a proper flower. It's my creation. I grew something. I create something! 

6. I am allergic to dogs. To theirs fur and when they lick me. But I can't resist myself from little afternoon cuddles with my doggy. I have to use the word love, again. But I love my dog. She is so innocent (especially when she tries to pretend she didn't eat the entire cake) and so happy. 

7. Would you believe if I told you that I am sitting right now in front of computer and smiling to it like crazy? I just saw that I got a new comment! I decided to start this blog just for fun. So that I can again enjoy writing and taking photos and then sharing it with you. But seeing that someone is enjoying it as well.. ! I am so happy.

8. Finding shapes in the sky is my favourite 'me time'. You look up without any hopes and then, suddenly, you're able to find there a dragon! Or a dog! Or some soldier! 

9. My brothers are already grown up. But! It's so nice when one of them just come to my room and give me a quick goodnight kiss. Of course they're not doing it! They would never say about it out loud. And, if I would say, they would kill me. But, I am glad and pleased about this rare goodnight kissing. 

10. For a long time I couldn't even think about me running. I hated it. But right now I extremely like the feeling after a run. This feeling, that I accomplished something. That I managed to do this. That my heart didn't stopped. That my legs are still moving, when they are screaming and trembling. 

What are your best feelings? 



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