Fall readiness.

I love fluffy big scarfs. There is nothing better ,than snuggling in them. And it's so easy to wear them. Another great plus is that they automatically give your outfit some touch of style. They come in different colours and patterns. And sizes! It's great to have fun with them. Autumn is not a time when we all should wear grey and black. Fall is warm and colourful. We can bright our face and outfit with something so simple as scarf. 

Everyone is in love with big hats. And I also like them. But what I prefer is toque. It's definitely something that is a leftover for me after years of horse riding. I still can't forget about this amazing time and I am happy, about every horse equipment ,that I can insert into my everyday wardrobe. 

Shoes! The best one are closed, with warm lining inside. I really like this chukka style boots. They have a little piece of leather on the heel and sides. But I also love loafers, oxfords or simple snickers. 

Leather is definitely a big trend each autumn. But one thing, that I can't understand, is why we always keep with the black leather. I know it's classic. It match to most of the thing, but isn't it more appropriate for winter? For rainy, dirty, dark weather with snow. I prefer warm brown or caramel leather. It's brighter and I think it's more autumnal. And one of my favourite piece of leather is definitely my bag.

Candles. We can spend on them too much money. There are so many smells! So many types. Soy candles, wax, rice. Most of the time I prefer clean, fresh smells, like the one from Yankee candles: fluffy towels or baby powder. But right now I found a new smell: mango from Kringle. It's not so fruity, as I thought. It's slightly sour and fresh. I really like this one. My tip is also to firstly buy small wax to burn it, in one of those chimneys. Very often I like the smell, while sniffing ,but after burning the candle, the smell turns out to strong or just not matching to me. If we buy just small wax, to try it first, we can try more of them and find favourite one. 

Chequered pattern. Every fall it's popular. But every year we go further. Started with scarfs and t-shirts, right now we have skirts, jeans, hats, nails stickers. And that's great! We all should have fun with patterns.  

What are your favourite fall essentials?



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  1. I love fall so much! What a great post!
    Morgan | theradwife.blogspot.com