Pumpkin muffins!

Autumn is officially here! So it means that I can bake pumpkin muffins, breads, cookies and other yummy food, without my family looking at me as I would be crazy. I love pumpkin. Pumpkin is not only extremely scrumptious, but it's also packed with health benefits! It contain a lot of fibre and that's why sometimes you're full, after eating a little bit of it. It also boost vision, because of quantity of vitamin A. And many other benefits! 
My first pumpkin dessert had to be a muffins. They have simple recipe, what I love. 

Ingredients for muffins:
small pumpkin to hallow out it for purée (or ready purée)
two eggs 
100 grams of white flour
100 grams of yoghurt
few spoons of brown sugar 
cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg

Bake pumpkin until it will be soft and easy to blend (skip this process if you already have pumpkin purée). Meantime, combine the rest of the ingredients. Beat eggs and add yoghurt, sugar. Then spices with flour. And at the end add mashed pumpkin.
You should bake it for at least 30 minutes in 175 degree.  

Ingredients for caramel:
glass of milk (the best would be full fat 3,2%) 
200 grams of sugar (brown or white)
optionally: tea spoon of butter

If you want to make your muffins even more delicious (is it possible?) you can make a caramel. Boil the milk with sugar and stir it until the mixture won't be thick. It may take a little time (okay, a lot of time, at least half hour. But it's worth!) and then you're able to decorate your muffins. You can eat it with sour cream or yoghurt and on the top put caramel.
Be sure to wait for them to cool. I couldn't wait and took, hot muffin, straight from the oven. I burned my tongue and yoghurt has melted.
But gosh! They're so good. Soft inside, crunchy outside. Sweet and spicy. Amazing combination.
You must try this! 



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