Woman wears high- heels.

Autumn and winter is time when roads and pavements are slippy and dangerous. In the mornings there is frost on them and in the evenings it's already so dark, that you can't see anything and it's easy to stumble and twist ankle. Well, at least theoretically. Because this two seasons are my favourite to wear high heels shoes.

shoes- APIA

 I know, it's not the best idea, and I just wrote how dangerous it can be to walk in heels, but there is something almost magical in wearing high heel boots and thick jeans with cozy sweater and scarf around your neck and big hat on your head. And elegant gloves! 

shoes- Ecco

I am definitely shoeholic (same as coatholic). More than half of my shoe collection is more appropriate for autumn and winter, than for spring and summer. (Half of my summer I always spend on beach, and there you don't need any shoes.) So it's noting strange for me that I am excited for wearing them.

shoes- Ryłko

 I am not so little. I am something like 5'3. It's nothing stunning, but sometimes I really feel small. But then, to action comes heels. This little babies can give me the feeling of not being 5'3 but 5'4. And for me there is a difference. So here you can see my three beauties. 

What do you think about wearing heels in winter? 



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