10 facts about me.

1. I am almost 20, in a month I have birthdays (third of December). When all of my teenage years pass? Where did they go? I have no idea. 

2. I'm really contrary. One day I like something and the other day not. But, as Dowager countess from Downton Abbey nicely said: I'm a woman, Mary. I can be as contrary as I choose. And I totally agree with her!

3. My favourite colour is black. Probably because it contains inside every other colour.

4. I can listen all type of music, from rock to classic. But as for now, my favourite bands are Miniature Tigers, Eliza and the bear and The tallest man on earth. 

5. I study two faculties: European business administration and Law. 

6. I have dog called Luna. And every time someone is asking after what she is called, I am arguing with my mom about it. I'm 100 percent sure,  that she is called like this after Luna Lovegood, but she claims that after a moon. 

7. I love food. And I love making delicious meals for my family. Sadly I like to experiment, when the rest of my family is rather traditional (potatoes, meat, no sushi.) 

8. I love taking photos of everything. And I like to keep them on my laptop, so that every time I'm sad or feel lonely, I can watch them again and feel pleasant with all what I saw and did in past.

9. I love exploring and visiting new places. Leisure time, for me, means running, walking, swimming and seeing. I can't sit in one place for longer. I love to read a good book, but I can do this later, after a nice walk near the sea.

10. If it goes about favourite book, it can be anything from Russian writers. I love The master and Margarita, The Idiot and other masterpieces.

I really would like to now something more about You! Yes, You. I hope that this blog will have a soul and part of it comes from my soul, as an author, but the other part comes from Your soul, as a reader. So, please let me know something about You. 




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  1. Naww I always love these and I loved getting to know you more Liliann! <3 Oooo it's nearly your birthday!!! :D Do you have any plans??? Nawww Luna and I'm totally rooting for Luna Lovegood! ;) I love all types of music too anything from rock, pop, rap, heavy metal and some country lol!


    1. Country music is the best! It's so catchy! Thanks for reading.