How to be happier!

I know that it's so easy to say: be happier, smile!, when you feel down and just tired. But I have some little tricks and tips to make the day better. Happiness is something that comes from within. It's something that we can improve by small steps.

1. Choose to be happy. If you repeat all the time: oh I won't pass this exam, instead of believing in yourself and learning, you probably won't pass it. It's same with happiness. We must work on it. So, this time, after you woke up, say to yourself: it's gonna be a great day, I'm gonna be happy today. It's like mantra. Repeating it is like a protecting spell.

2. Start your day with your favourite drink. Coffee, tea, whatever. It's great to start your day with something delicious. And both coffee and tea will give you a nice kick for the morning. 

3. I found very therapeutic to look on the plants. Bright colour of the flowers just brighten our day. Also it's proven that green colour has great calming effect for our minds. So, buy some flowers for yourself or look out the window and calm your brain with green trees. 

4. If you don't have any greenery near you: go for a walk. It's great for our muscles. If we move or train the tension in our muscles fly away. This way you get calmer and more relaxed. It's also great to go on your own to have few minutes to gather your thoughts together and think about them.

5. Sweets. If you're already on this walk, do few more steps to local caffe  or bakery. Sweets produce endorphins and we magically feel much better after eating them. Muffins, Croissants, cookies. Buy your favourite and luxuriate with it! 

6. If you're brave enough to go for a walk on your own, you're also brave enough to have adventure time! Go somewhere where you have never been before. It can be city next to yours, or a different district in your city. Take a bike, car, go on your own feet and explore! Finding new things makes us exciting for living and finding others things. 

7. Learn something new. It can be car driving, playing guitar, horse riding. As long as routine is great because we have a schedule, it sometimes can make you bored with the life. Life is full of interesting things around. And you only have to look around. So maybe you should go for a Spanish course or take few cooking lessons. After this you can invite your friends and cook something delicious for them or play. 

8. Call to your friends. Sometimes we have so much to do that we don't have time for friends. And then we are ending going to work, back and forth. School, home, work, school. Take a break! Call your friends. Drink some wine, eat some pizza and just have a nice, chatty time with your friends. Meet them one time at your place and next time at their place. This way you will stay away from routine and it's easier to go through the life with friends. 

9. Turn off every electronic device in your room, and don't check social media every few minutes. It's so hard not to be materialist nowadays. And very often we are jealous about new shoes someone has, or new house someone moved in. Turn off phone. Stay away from it. Think how lucky you are. You're reading this post, so you have an Internet. So you must have some sort of computer. Aren't you lucky enough? Let's start again. You live. You probably have a family and friends. You have two eyes and two hands. So lucky you are! Not every one has that.

10. Sleep. It's so important. How you're suppose to be happy if you're not fresh and awaken? You must sleep at least 8 hours. So be sure to find time for this. You can read a book for 15 minutes before sleep or try some meditation to calm yourself. Buy some new cushions or pretty duvet. Spray some lavender oils and relax! 

I hope that this few tips will make you feel happier and better about yourself.



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  1. Happiness is truly in the littlest things, loving this list and the social media one is so very very true!