I'm a Mess.

Most people like to have everything in order.
Fork on the left side of the plate,
on right spoon and knife.
I'm in this time and place when order is not something desirable.
Routine can really finish you off.
Everyday I wake up, clothes myself,
eat breakfast and then brush my teeth.
Then going out and being,
coming back and living.
I have this feeling of missing something.
The inner self tells me to run.
Drop everything and, and what then?
So I created my own order.
Fork on the right side,
spoon and knife on the left.
I am not left handed, but I eat like one.


2 komentarze

  1. I'm a very plan and have everything in order person but it's also important to be a rebel and do something out of the ordinary! Lol I'm right handed too but eat like a lefty lol! XD


    1. Sometimes being a rebel is same importanr as being person with orders. ^^ Thanks for reading!