Rip them.

Am I the only one who have few pairs of jeans, laying in my wardrobe without any use? And I am asking here myself: why I bought them, if I don't like them now? I don't know, our body is changing and our fashion style as well. I liked them three years ago, but right now I can't look at them. And I don't like this state.

So I decided to take one pair and try to do something with them, so that I will start wearing them, again. I took out all of my jeans and compared them. And I found the difference. Every other pair has hole somewhere.

 So I took scissors, veggie peeler and transformed them into something new.

 I always wanted pair of super ripped jeans with one big hole on the knee. But I couldn't afford for one. So I am happy that I changed this jeans into something fashionable and new.

Throwing away clothes is definitely not something I would do. I hate wasting money and fabrics. I think, that its so great to look into your mom's wardrobe and ask for things she's not wearing anymore. Or even your brother. We can find old, useless things and bring them back to life. Like I did with this pair of jeans.

Clothes are reversible in style. One day you can wear scarf as a simple scarf, but the other day as a blouse or skirt. Same with jeans, if you're bored with yours, tuck them, shorten them, rip them, add some badge. Customize them. Make them yours.

 Do you have any piece in your wardrobe, lying on the bottom and being forgotten by you? 



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  1. Oh yeah! Why pay a lot of money when you can create it yourself! ;) I like every now then making tears in the back of old t-shirts it really is such a fun and exciting way to spice up old clothes or anything that no longer works for you!