What a day! After so many gloomy rainy days, today is a sunny rainy day! What a wonderful day! I am so happy, and so full of energy, that I decided to take some photos, while I am doing my make up. Let's imagine we are a close friends, you're sitting next to me, sipping your tea and I am sitting on the floor preparing myself for the day, we will spent together. We are having our chitty chatty time. What a day! 

I love my foundation by Laroche- Posay. It's mattifying mousse foundation. As for me, it's like a smooth sand. It's really delicate and gives you a little colour just to even out your complexion. It's not liquidy at all and no matter how much you will apply, you will always look good. 

Today I am so lucky to spend my day at home. Hurray. Day off. I will take my dog, myself and umbrella to the park. I love rain. It's so refreshing. And when you can wear waterproof clothes, it's not so scary. 

I'm setting my face with Bourjois healthy balance unifying powder. And grabbing my favourite powder highlighter from Inglot. It's almost gone! I definitely must go buy another one.

I couldn't really sleep at night, so I have terrible dark circles under my eyes. No, it's not because a nightmare, it's because the rain. It was pouring! So I must use my Loreal Lumi Magique concealer. 

I'm almost ready, sip your tea comfortable. Lip gloss. Rimmel oh my gloss! In the colour Purrr... Glossy cat. Do I like cats? Of course! I love every animal, maybe not spiders, but they just should keep themselves far away from me and we will be good friends. But from cats I prefer dogs. I love the possibility of long walks with them.

And mascara. Astor Seduction Codes in blue colour. It defines my blue eyes and it's not so harsh. I'm blond, so very often I find black mascaras too strong for me. Okey, I'm ready. 

 Where are we going today? 



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  1. you're SO adorable!! Love this post!

    Jade xx