Who does not love ornaments?

Everyone is decorating his house seasonally. Spring- fresh flowers, baby pink and blue, summer- bright colors with crazy patterns, fall- darker colors with heaters in pots. And it’s almost calendar winter. Every year I decide to pick few colors for my Christmas tree. It’s not yet in my place, but I already bought ornaments for it. This year I decided to be it pink and red! Kind of crazy combination, but I think it will look beautiful!

Besides baubles I love to have in my room some lights. I just found this amazing copper metal small delicate lights that I decided to wrap around my bed near my sofa. So that I can have some cosy  reading book time (or watching youtube videos, lets not lie).

Changing pillows is also very seasonal. This year I decided to keep it simple and add just one statement Christmas pillow and keep the rest casual (by the way, this white fluffy pillow is my favourite!)
I still have few more days to decorate my house. 

And I would love to know how you decorated yours!



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  1. How cosy does your couch look?! That throw is just perfect and I love the vintage looking baubles!