Cup of tea reflections.

New year, new resolutions. I am afraid, that I'm the only one who is not doing them. What for we promise ourselves that from this year we will be different? Why we want to change ourselves? Is going on some super diet resolution is, because you feel so bad and you need to detoxify yourself and start eating cleaner? Or it's just because you can't fit into one of the newest jeans collection in one of the stores ,where sizes of clothes each year get smaller? Is it because everyone around says that you should be fit and skinny, and that it's just trendy? Why we promise ourselves to be more patient, kind and thoughtful?

 Shouldn't we think, about why we are not like this all year around, instead of promising doing it from new year and then ending being nice to people and to yourself just for next month? It would be better to do this after some situation. You're angry on someone, but you decide to speak normally, without anger. You said something wrong, and apologies after it. You don't need the new year to change something. People change really slowly and hardly. It must take some time. You can't stop eating sweets just like that. You can't loose some weight so easily. You won't became a different person just, because another year is gone. It's long lasting process. It's hard, everyday work, which we should start as soon as we feel to change.

 This year I made a resolution not to ever make any resolution, but as soon as I noticed something accurate to change, I will change it. So, this year is year of continuation the last year. Year of writing and having a lot of satisfaction from it. Year of playing with fashion and sharing it with you. 

I wish all of you amazing year, full of happiness and joy. And I am thankful and grateful to all of you who was with me for the past year. Happy new year! 



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  1. I totally agree with you in reality it is just another day, if you really want to change you will no matter the day! I do like to set goals for the year to constantly be focused on and be working on, but if I achieve them no matter what date I always like to set more and improve. I think the act of goal setting is great and gives you direction and maybe that is what we need to focus more on than new year resolutions?!?! Happy 2016!!! :D