December beauty favourites!

The end of past month was full of occasions to celebrate. My birthday, Christmas eve, then Christmas days, New Years Eve. To get into the spirit I had of course to put some more special makeup. Most of the time I am wearing make-up no makeup. I have naturally darker eyelids (and to pair with this, I also have dark circles under my eyes, aaaal the time) so I don’t have to put any eye shadow on them. Most of the time I am just scared to do anything
with them, so that I won’t look too dramatic.

But this time I decided to play with eyeliner. The one I tried is Maybelline Master Precise. It’s like a thin marker with sharp tip. It’s really easy to do either thin or thick line. I am so disappointed that Maybelline does them only in black colors (same as mascaras, I’ve never seen any other color than black). I wish there would be also brown version or some crazy colorful!

Talking about mascaras. I finally found THE ONE. We are all looking for perfect one, right? It doesn’t matter if it’s partner, boyfriend, pair of jeans or high- heeled shoes. And finally I found my perfect. It’s Guerlain Maxi Lash So Volume, in the most beautiful color Marine. It’s grayish-blueish color. Perfect for someone with blue eyes. And what’s more is that it’s scented! It smell delicately with flowers. I know that it’s not the cheapest mascara ever, but I think it’s worth the money. It leaves lashes longer, thicker and not bonded  at all. Just perfect.

My another make up product is from Sephora own brand. It’s a little palette of eye shadows called Wonderful Dreams. It contains four matt shadows and four sparkly. All pretty neutral and wearable for everyday. With this one palette I can do daily makeup and evening one. The pigments are not the highest quality, but they stay on the eyelids for at least half day ( and with primer longer).  The quality is great for its price. 

In December I had two favourite nail polishes. The first one is from PUPA in the color 702 (beautiful metallic, deep sparkly, dark blue, uff, I hope I described the color well). The other one is from the brand I’ve never heard about before. It’s called p2 Sand style polish in the color 070 pretty (sparkly copper- rose gold color). Both of them stay on nails (without top coat) for a really long time (p2 for at least week, PUPA for 4-5 days). I really love them and I am happy when I use them (Natalie, thank you for introducing me to the PUPA brand! Love You!)

Last favourite product are nails stickers. It’s so strange I’ve never tried them before! I found this (flowers on black background) on sale and thanks for it, because I am really glad I tried them. It’s not so easy to apply them at first. But after trial and error method I think it’s easier with time. They last really long (I had them on for a week, with top coat and I could have them for even longer). It’s great purchase if you just will apply one, or two stickers on one hand and paint rest with nail polish. It's nice accent.

I hope You will all have wonderful time in this new year! 



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