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Being honest with you, I am not surprised why people sometimes prefer to get money as Christmas presents, than actual present. There are so many sales right now. You can buy designer bags, shoes, clothes-half price! I am so mad at myself that I didn't wait for sales, and had to buy before Christmas, one beautiful, but expensive, leather skirt. It's half price now. :( So this time I hope I will use sales properly. 

dress: Here
I love dresses. Well, you know it. Almost every photo shoot I did was with dress or skirt. So of course, I had to insert some, at this list, as well. This first dress is really ethereal. The shoulders are open and it reminds me of something extremely delicate. Probably I won't be able to wear such piece right now (it's winter). But you know, how it is with shopping, You always buy clothes for one season ahead! 

dress: Here
Another dress is something that I always look for, but never find the right one. It's always either to short for a dress, or too baggy to look nice in it. And this one is in two colours variation: blue and black. And because I always stick with black, this time I would prefer blue one! Every time I wear blue blouse, sweater, I got so many complements about how blue eyes I have! It's so nice to hear such things. 
sunglasses: Here
I love snow, and the most I like when it's also sunny. But there is nothing worse than reflections from the snow and when you're unable to walk (what about driving!?) without blinking eyes. So I found this cool sunglasses, leopard (or black) retro styled. 

necklace: Here
The last thing on my wish list is necklace. It's a gold choker with delicate chain with triangle shape at the end. I must admit I've never seen such choker. Most of the time they are from leather pieces, plastic or if they are metal I never saw something hanging from them. So this piece seemed to me really interesting. 

I hope you will also use some of the great opportunities on sale. 
These items are from Dresslink and they have so many beautiful things. At the moment they have a sale, One is called $0.01 items and the other is Free Shipping Items. Maybe you can use it and found some amazing pieces for your wardrobe for this or next season! 



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