'Kind' of tea reflections.

I would like to invite You for afternoon tea with me! I am offering tea and cookies. And soft couch to seat on! We can both chit chat for a while and relax.

I must admit that I miss calm time when I was able to sit down and write a little bit. Now, when I am studying again I don't have so much time for it. Everyday is full of boring tasks like: read about history of Rome, read about functioning of EU, write essay. And everyday tasks are repeated. And I hardly find time for writing. But I love writing, and today when I decided to take a day off from university (you know, every student must from time to time drop his lectures) I have few minutes between cooking a dinner and reading another law connected book. And here is my topic: everyday kindness.

I know that it's so popular right now to be and show your own kindness. Many you-tubers made videos about this, and many bloggers wrote as well. But! However the topic is already eaten, I think that the more we speak about such things the more we spread around the idea and as on the beginning we are all agreeing with it, after some time we think it's pointless  and we did it already and there is no point to do and hear about it again. 

Last week I was in a tram and I meet a stranger that offered me a seat. I said no, because she was older than me (you know, respecting elder people), but she said that I look so tired (I was after PE) and so overloaded (I had my everyday bag with books, bag with sport clothes and tennis racket, and some extra bag with food shopping). She was extremely nice and talked to me through entire way. Another day I left my earphones on the bench and someone run to me bringing them with him, so I don't have to buy another pair! So nice. Knowing me I wouldn't be even able to think when was the last time I had them in my hands, so I wouldn't found them. 

And because I feel everyday kindness from people around (and rudeness as well, but it will be the topic for another post) I want other people to feel it as well! Some time ago, beautiful Louise (Sprinkleofglitter) did a video about doing sweet little things to make others lives nicer. Like leaving  envelope with some money and nice letter. Being honest with you  I wanted to do the same, but from few days it's pouring and no one would like to sit on the bench and find such letter. But I used other ideas and after buying flowers to my close friend and taking care of her child I feel so much better. Like people needs me. And they are happy that I am around them. And right now when I am cooking some delicious (I hope so!) dinner for my family, I also think that I will bake some cookies, so that they can feel some extra love from me.

 And right now when I am writing to you, I also would like to show you some kindness, so take some cookies that I am offering and remember: you're beautiful and I love you! 

Much love,


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  1. Hello sister!

    I am sorry for not commenting for ages, I am also struggling to keep up my blog with studying too but I think it is important to take a step back from life and take a break. The story on the tram is very inspirational and I would also like to thank you for your kindness :) much love and lovely post :D silver xxx

  2. YES to this! Kindness is something so simple but so meaningful, we always could do with more kindness in the world! You're beautiful and I love you too! <3