My own tea.

As you know well, I love tea. Every type of tea, but because I already did a post about it, I am not gonna repeat myself. At least I hope so, because teas have something magical inside. Today I wanted to talk about some other side of tea. We all like them, because of the flavour. But not all of them has great ingredients. They contain lots of chemical aromas, preservatives. And ,if there is some bio version, made with sun dried ingredients, made with love and concern, the costs are crazy. I hardly can pay my bills, so what about expensive, healthy tea? I decided to make my own tea. With ingredients ,that I like. I thought it will be hard, that it will taste terribly. But not. It's so amazing. 

I decided to use as a base the green tea (my favourite). I was thinking for a while what ingredients will match to base, but truth is, that whatever you like, will match. So I took two apples, to make the tea sweet. I decided to risk and add grapefruit skin for a little bit of freshness.

And lastly, few cloves, to make my tea slightly warming up and more appropriate for autumn and winter time. I chopped apples and peeled the grapefruit. I preheated oven to 100 Celsius degrees and kept my mix in for an hour and half until it's well dried. After it cooled down I mixed everything together and voile! It's done. Right now, all you have to do is boil some water in kettle and sip your own tea. 

Attention. Because it's made without any preservatives this tea can't stay in jar for years. If you will dry your ingredients well, you're safe to keep it for month. But if you're not sure, check the tea after two weeks and look for mold. If it's nothing wrong, again, sip your tea and enjoy yourself. 

Let me know, if you will make your own tea!



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