Best colorful mascaras.

Hello my lovelies! Because, few weeks ago I bought another colorful mascara, I decided to compare it with two other that I already had. So that I could decide which one is favourite and if more expensive ones, are worth the price.

The one I bought recently is from Collistar Ti Amo 500 version. It is called Art Design Mascara. In a funny name color ‘Take me away’. Basically, it’s really vibrant intensive sea blue color. I must admit that I am not a big fun of such crazily shaped brushes. They’re hard to use for me, and I feel that they make my lushes clumpy. But the lady in the shop convince me to this mascara as ‘a hit of spring/summer 2016’. So, who am I to fight with trends? Even though the price wasn’t so appealing, I decided to give it a try. First impression was really comforting. It was really easy to apply mascara and as with the first use of brush, my lushes were a little bit clumpy, with the second one everything was normal and they were nicely separated. The color is not so vibrant on the lashes, as it is in the package. I don’t know how many layers you must have to put on, to get it so intensive. But being honest with You I like the result, it still makes my eyes pop out and it’s not too dark for my fair complexion. But. And this is a pretty big but. It strangely falls down under my eyes. And not like a typical mascara that you can see a small pieces and just wipe it off. It’s like a green cream under my eyes so after few hours I look, as if I didn’t sleep at all or have super thin skin under eyes. I found that I had to put a thick layer of concealer and repeat it during the day so I am not looking like zombie. Is it worth than? Well, the mascara costs something about 20£. It’s not a fortune, but it’s not the cheapest as well. I think it is worth. It beautifully elongates lashes, and there is something amazing about this color. The only think is that I can’t use it an then go out without concealer in my bag, but I have it there anyway, so it’s not the biggest problem.

Another one is Guerlain Cils d’Enfer Maxi Lash mascara. In a beautiful Marine color (grayish, blueish). I already wrote about it in earlier post (here). But to shortly remind it. I never ever had such a pleasure of using a mascara. It’s not just about the amazing flower smell of it. It elongates my lushes when they still look fully natural. It’s not really thickening them, but it makes the illusion of having at least half more than usually. The cost of it is slightly higher than the previous mascara. It costs about 25£. But nothing  alows up or falls down. Its stays all day. The most perfect mascara.

The last colorful mascara I am using is Astor Seduction Codes No. 1 in Blue color. Well, to start with the brush, I must say that I am hating it. It’s too big, strangely shaped (I am bigger fun of silicon straight brushes) and mascara is clumping already on it. And when I am using it, the clumps of mascara gets on my lushes. Happily, few more moves of brush and everything is distributed evenly. It’s nicely thickening and elongating my lushes. One of the minuses is that you must be careful before it dries, other way it will smudge on the lids. It stays almost all day, and slightly falls down, but it’s easy to wipe it off with even dry handkerchief. And the costs are nicer- something about 5£. 

So, which one is my favourite? My number one is of course Guerlain, then Collistar (just because I always have concealer with me) and at the end Astor. 

Please let me know if You will try any of them!



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