Current skin treatment.

Today I wanted to share with You a brief story about my skin. As a young child I had a really nice skin, as every baby has. And I don’t remember the exact day, when suddenly something red popped out on my face. But I think I was about 13 years old. My mum was amazing and she bought me the next day purifying concealer. But as I was growing and my hormones were jumping and boiling inside me, my skin get worse and worse. And again I had to thank my mum, because she took me to dermatologist and beautician and spent a lot of money's on creams and treatments. Because I was using so much chemicals and so much was happening on my face, as soon as it got better, I decided that I want to keep my routine and facial as clean as it is possible. From about a year I am using the same soft creams and same cleansers everyday.

Instead of using micellar water, I love to use micellar gel. The idea is the same. Inside there are small tiny micelles that dissolve impurities without stripping the skin. But unfortunately, I found micellar water as dehydrating my skin and leaving it slightly irritated. And it didn’t matter what type of water it was. I tried from Bioderma, Caudalie, Garnier and Mixa. So, when I found this Allverne micellar gel, I had to tried it. After this my skin is left feeling soft, nourished and hydrated. It’s perfect with taking waterproof mascaras and heavier makeup. 

If, however, my skin feel a little bit to oily, I like to use Bioderma Sebium Purifying Cleansing foaming gel after all. You put a tiny amount on your hands, pour on some water, rub your hands and then you have a foam to clean your face with. It’s a little bit drying my skin, but that’s why I use it only when I feel more oily or more dirty. 

After cleansing it’s time for masks. I found this LOMI LOMI masks set some time ago. The idea behind them is to do a week treatment for your skin. You get seven different masks for each day of the week. So on Monday for example, you have Aloe Juicy Mask, on Tuesday Pomegranate Vital Mask, Wednesday Acerola Recovery and so on. Each mask is a sheet mask, made from ecological Tencel material. I think that once a month our skin deserve such a nice full week treatment. This masks never made me allergic (and I have very sensitive skin!). I really recommend them. 

The last process is to apply cream. I love Moraz creams. They are in at least 50% natural. They contain organic ingredients, which acts as natural antioxidants and help delay skin’s aging process. It can be pure herbal oils of jojoba, cocoa butter or coconut. I love the one that contain rosemary. The daily version of cream is also nicely smoothing the skin and acting as a primer under a makeup. 

Please let me know, if You would like to know about my acne treatment!



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