Daily jewelry

Most of the time I either completely forgot about putting on some jewelry, or I am in such hurry, that I am throwing some necklace inside my bag or back pocket of jeans and then forget about them for the next week. So it always ends on forgetting. But I have some of my favourite pieces always laying in my eyes sight, so that there are some chances I will wear them. 

I found this cute little earrings (unfortunately, I don’t remember where they are from) that I can sleep in! Always the end of this ‘metal piece’ is sticking me and it’s really annoying. But strangely in this little cuties I can sleep and because they are so small they are a perfect pair of daily almost unnoticeable earrings.

Few years ago, for my birthdays (not sure which one) I got my first two necklaces from the designer called Le Boho Bleu. She is a Polish designer that creates a geometrical, but not only, simple jewelry. I decided to get a shorter small rounded shape and slightly longer triangle one. They are silver but covered in 24 carat gold. They match to everything, and they are extremely light so I can’t even feel when I am wearing them.

Another piece that I am wearing very often is my watch. It is Michael Kors with studded double wrap leather bracelet. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is still available on the official website of MK. This watch is a little bit more as a statement piece, so when I am wearing it, I don’t like to wear anything else. But I like to spray some of my favourite perfume on the strap, and because it’s real leather, the smell stays on for a long time.

The last piece is my Pandora ring. It is silver ring that is decorated with magnificent gleaming stone, which is surrounded by 56 cubic zirconias. I love it because (besides the fact, that it was a present from a close person) it adds a chic to everyday stylization.

What is Your daily jewelry?


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  1. Your jewelry is so pretty and stylish!
    Love especially necklaces and ring!

  2. So beautiful! !