Favourite Books!

There is something amazing about keeping the actual paper book and being able to smell it. I mean, not that I am smelling every book I have in my hands, but I love this smell, especially of older ones. And I love one quote from one movie, I couldn’t find the precise one, but it’s something like this: The lady is asking the man if he read all of his books in his office, and he said: no! Of course not, the books are of course to read, but they are also a beautiful objects to look at as well. And I totally agree with him! In past when monks were hand writing and copying each book, they were intricately painted around with ivy and special calligraphy letters. And each book was like a little masterpiece. And I am happy when I am able to find a book that is like that, either inside with a contents, or outside with photos or drawings.

One of my favourite this month is a book by Grance Doré called Love x Style x Life. I got this book as a present from my best friend Natalie (I’m still amazed how perfect present she got for me, Thank You Natalie!).  The author is a French photographer, illustrator and blogger. The written contents is not really revealing, but I love photos and drawings. It’s a perfect coffee table book. “This charming book by fashion blogger Doré is part memoir and part style guide, gathered together in a chic, Gallic-inflected package.”Publishers Weekly. Well, for me most of the book is filled with what French people like or not, and comparing them to Americans, but without any doubts Garance Dore is one of the most influential person in fashion industry. I just don’t feel she put enough of herself into this book to make it more well written. But! She is same in love with Zara as I am.

Another book is by Caitlin Moran How to build a girl. Moran is an English journalist, author and broadcaster, and what’s more, she’s a feminist. I must admit that what is written on the back of this book is not really adequate to what the book is for me. ‘Laughing out loud is just the start’ – Guardian. Well, I actually started with fear, if either the main character is sane or I am different species and never did such thing as she is doing, in my childhood. It’s not so easy to read and fully understand as some may think. It took me a while to read it from the beginning to the end. But I did it. And I am really glad, because it’s a deeply emotionally involved book about girl growing up and having much from her life. By sixteen, she is already smoking, getting drunk and having all the kind of sex with all the kind of men. Great book.

And my last one is recommendation made by Estee Lalonde. Not often I decide to read what a YouTuber recommend, but because very often I find Essie type of humor same as mine, I decided to give it a try. It is called The first bad man a novel by Miranda July. And for the first time, I can agree with the opinion on the back of the book. ‘ Heartbreakingly sad, thoughtful, disgusting and hilarious’ – Observer. This few words perfectly describe the book. It starts normally, you may think it’s another romance between two mature people, but You will be so surprised! The young teenage is moving into a female main character and strange things starts to happen. Well written, heart moving and very eccentric.

Please let me know if You know something worth so that I can read it as well!



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  1. Love this post, gorgeous pictures, thanks for sharing! I really like your blog, let me know if you would like to follow each other!


  2. I was looking for a feminism related book to read for next few months & this is the one!!!
    Thank you, I'm soooo going to the bookstore to take a look at it :D

    Kaylee | JK's Dawn

  3. I really want to get Love x Style x Life! It looks so pretty. Like it would be perfect to flip through on a Sunday morning with a coffee!

    1. Exactly what I think! Perfect during sipping tea or coffee! Thanks for reading!

  4. These books look really good' Seems like a good read. :)

  5. Love X Style X Life looks absolutely GORGEOUS!!! This has inspired me to make a post similar! I think I will post about my favourite books soon :) Thank you for sharing!



  6. How To Build A Girl sounds so fascinating and I get that feeling it's the type of book you really start to latch on to the character and miss them when the books over, I LOVE books like that!


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