Love story.

I wrote a post about treating my face skin, but I never wrote enough about treating Myself. For me treating myself is living peacefully with myself. Not forcing myself to anything. If I feel like I wanna eat a piece of pizza, I will eat it. If I wanna ice creams- same. If I feel like to run, I will woke up earlier and run. If I don't like something, I don't force myself to do this. This is what treating myself right is for me. I love the idea of peaceful mind and body. Like the perfect yin and yang. I am then more confident and more sure about my feelings, actions. And I love to be confident and brave. If it goes about fashion or just food.

Lately I found another thing that is perfectly working with me and enhancing my confidence. It's the perfume Chloè Love Story. It's floral, fresh and sexy. It contain scent of stephanotis jasmine that is often used in wedding bouquets. The orange flower oil is characteristic and luminous. There is also sensual and strong base of cedarwood.

The design of the Love Story flacon was inspired by the locks. And what is more popular than the famous Pont Des Arts "love" bridge in Paris that is full of such little locks that lovebirds decided to clip there as the proof of their love? 

My thoughts today are: be yourself, do everything what makes you happy. Do everything that makes you more Yourself. Be Yourself. And love yourself.


P.S Today is Singles Awareness Day! So treat this post as a incentive to take yourself for dinner, shopping or just relax and love yourself!


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  1. Beautiful! This is such a well written post.

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  2. I have never used these perfumes, but your description of how they smell sounds really interesting, Liliann :)

  3. Thank You so much for reading!

  4. I had a sample of a Chloè fragrance but I don't remember if it was this one ! Really good :) x

    1. I am in love with every Chloe fragrance, but this one recently catched my attention. ;)

  5. Have heard a lot about this one!

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  6. Awesome! I absolutely enjoyed reading this. Happy Wednesday!


    1. Thank You so much! Happy wednesday too!

  7. Hope you had great day, Liliann :)

  8. Amazing post! Very beautiful inspiration! I love this perfume and the bottle is gorgeous too


  9. Perfume is always one way to feel utterly fabulous about yourself! *Why can't I smell through my computer it's 2016?!?! :p ) It looks divine and the perfect treat for oneself!