For the past few weeks I couldn't sleep well. I couldn't fall asleep and I couldn't wake up so easily as usual, the next day. So I was reading. I have my own little library, pretty full of fairytales, fiction and in general children books. And being honest with You, I forgot about them for a really long time! 

I know that I am officially grown up, but to read only historical or law connected books? Gosh, they're so boring. And I was so bored with all '2015 bestseller'. So my first choice was pretty shocking, even for me. I decided to read: Pollyanna. And I am so glad I did it! It's magical book. It took me 3 hours, but I've never spent more effectively my night time. This book is about little girl, called Pollyanna. She's the most positive character I've ever known. Every time something sad is happening, she's always finding something amazing about this. She's dreaming about beautiful room with cozy pillows, dressers and paintings on wall ,but instead of this, she's getting small, sultry, simple room with empty walls. She's sad and disappointed ,but she's smiling! Because she just saw how amazing view from the window is. And she's glad and happy, she didn't get the dreamed room, because other way she wouldn't get this view. And that's shocking! Which small girl is so strong? Through the book we can find out that she's playing. She's playing in the game, that her father learned her in past. Every time something sad is happening, you're angry or disappointed, you should find something positive about it. Example: she really wanted a doll, beautiful toy she can play with, and she was hoping to get it from church donation (her father was a preacher). But there was no doll, but two forearm crutches. And you know what her father said? 'be happy that you don't have to use them' ! And from that time she was playing. And she's teaching entire village to play with her.

 And I also decided to play in this game. It's so hard! Many times I thought about giving up. It's so incredibly severe not to feel sorry for yourself. Not to cry. To pretend. Or to really find something deeper in everything. And after trail and error method, I think I can say that I have more positive attitude, than in the past. This game can change the look of the sad reality. This book is amazing. It's not only for little children, but also for adults. This bright and innocent girl, who loves everyone around, can really make us look different on surrounding us world. You really should read this book. 

Will you try to play in this game? 

Love, Liliann. 


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  1. Sounds like a really interesting book:)