Still being single!?

Guys, guys, guys. As a single person, I must admit that spending another Valentine’s Day alone, is not the happiest day in my life. It’s not just about seeing around people in love. I actually love to see happiness, love, satisfaction. I am seriously much happier, when instead of despair and angriness, I can feel just positive emotions. But. I am tired of opening another magazine and seeing an article called ‘Why I am still single?’ or ‘How to find the perfect boyfriend?’. The answer for first question is: Because I didn’t fall in love?, second one: No one is perfect?. I don’t know. These are just my thoughts. I don’t think finding boyfriend just for having him, because that is what society is telling me to do, is the best idea. And looking for someone with the idea of perfection is already wrong. As I said, nobody is perfect, and love is about accepting each other in the way we are. And what is the most important (at least for me) we should not feel any pressure from anyone (even family, friends) to have a partner. It’s not something for five minutes, but very often for the rest of our life! It must be reasonable decision.

But. There are different types of loves. And one of the most important for me is self love. And I don’t mean narcissism. Self love (something that I hope to write more about in future posts) is for me self acceptance. Loving Your body, mind and all (im)perfections. If you will be able to accept yourself, you will be able to accept another person and happily fall in love. Firstly You should focus on yourself. Find what You like to do, how You like to spend your spare time, what is Your favourite way of cooking, cleaning, reading. Find Yourself and then look for another person!

We all are victims of Hollywood love story movies. We see a couple that after serious argue ends in each other arms kissing passionately, or that someone is running to the airport through entire city, because he must tell her right now that he is in love! And after tenth or twelfth such movie, we believe in it, as it would be something normal. Bullshit. After argue people are either crying or are simply resentful. To say ‘I love You’ we use phone messages. I am romantic. Incredibly, stupid romantic. That dreams about a man who will open each time doors for me, buy flowers without occasion, cook something special, take for an evening walk, count the stars together. But I am realistic. Or at least I try to be. And I know that butterflies can’t last forever. Or that I will find someone who loves cooking and at the same time has a taste in flowers.

So, Love. Hard topic. It’s everywhere. Mother loves her baby, sister brothers. Friends love each others. But there is still too little of it in our lives. I wish You all, not just in 2016, to find love and acceptance. And if You will find it (as I did once) to find a courage to tell about it to this One person, before it will be too late.

Please let me know what do You think about 14th February. 



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  1. Spot on Lilian! It's really sad and damaging how we are projected by society that we NEED a partner and that it's sad and there is something wrong with us if we're single. If we actually taught self love more people would be so much happier with themselves, empowered and when they are in a relationship it would be a lot more healthy. A relationship status shouldn't define you and well love will happen with the right person when it's meant too. The media and society is very good at selling lies and crap and we're a society very good at believing it.

    I'm seeing it more and more amongst guys too how many of them have never faced their issues and been on a journey of self love and it comes out in the form of seeking validation through women aka being a player... and then half of them wonder why they don't have a gf... It makes me so sad and angry seeing it because the perception of what society put on men and masculinity is damaging them so much and then they hurt a lot of women through their hurt.

    I hope you have a beautiful Valentine's day Lilian, self love for the win baby! ;) <3 <3 <3 xoxo

  2. I love this post and I love your perspective. I genuinely enjoyed reading this. So refreshing!!! I hope your valentines day was lovely <3