5 things to make your mornings more acceptable.

1.       Slow drinking tea, coffee, juice, water
I am the first person to skip that step. Most of the time I would just wake up, do what I need in bathroom, put some clothes on and go out. But later on, I always feel tired. It’s because of dehydration that causes fatigue. From a month, every morning I drink lemon with warm water. It wakes me more and after it, I feel fresh and healthier (you know, I just squeezed entire lemon in to my body, that is full of Vitamin C, smart me!). And it doesn’t matter if You will drink a tea or coffee. Even a coffee is made from water (unless you’re not pouring in half glass of milk).

2.       Pleasant music.
Maybe I should start with this point. Because even the wakeup call should be pleasant and delicate. But very often later on, during putting make up, or eating breakfast, it’s nice to hear some nice melody. I love to hear some of the classic music and on my morning playlist right now is Alexandre Desplat. But, I also love Miniature Tigers- Dark Tower, Eliza and the Bear- Friends.

3.       Breakfast!
Without any doubts this is the point I miss the most. I hate eating early. It’s just not good for my stomach. Later on I feel sick and stuffed. I must feel the first hungriness to be ready to eat. And most of the times my first breakfast is on university. But from the past few months, one of my favourite meal to eat is mango with yoghurt and muesli. It’s quick to do and easy to transport and take with me. It is also an everyday portion of fruit that we all should eat.

4.       Cold splash of water.
If you are either taking a shower or just cleaning your face. Lukewarm water will help to start better working our brains, metabolism. Our skin is tighten. What is also great a splash of cold water on face is closing and tightening the pores. It is surprisingly also helping with helath immunity.

5.       Fresh air! Fresh flowers!
For me there is nothing better than a fresh air. One of the first thing after waking up is opening the window (I am sleeping with open only during summer time, because other way I will get sick) and when I am finally done in bathroom and come back to my room to do rest, my room is nicely aired and fresh. What I mean by fresh flowers, is a green and others colors. Green color has a positive influence on our brain, it’s calming color. And yellow, pink, red ones can make our mood more positive. And of course the smell of fresh flowers also can high our mood level!



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  1. Love your breakfast. I must try it ❤️

  2. Coffee and breakfasts are absolute MUSTS for me in the morning! Always starts my morning off right! Also having a specific morning routine is always something that makes me actually excited to wake up. I always wake up, shower, put on makeup blow dry and style my hair and then go for breakfast. I always do this whilst sipping coffee and usually watching the sacconejolys on youtube! Great post!