Current fashion favorites.

I love to be comfy and casual and at the same time fashionable. And it is possible! Here are few of my favorites (and an outfit made of them).

top- Zara
Let's start with top. I am always amazed when I find something, that is easy to throw on and at the same time is a statement piece. This blouse looks like made from a jeans material and has a feeling of scuba diving costumes (this strange sponge). Polyester is magical material, you can obtain almost everything from it. Because of high neck I found it super trendy to keep my hairs inside blouse and not pulling them off. 

jeans- Zara
Then there are jeans. Black, classic, stretchy jeans. I must say that rips are my creation. I was a little bit bored with them so I decided to add something special. But this is still my favorite pair. And you can’t go wrong with a black color (because black has inside every other color!) 

shoes- Adidas
Shoes! I love Adidas, in general any pair of trainers. And I stole this trend from my younger brother Oliver. He introduced me to Adidas zx flux. He was even so kind that he went with me to shop and helped me to choose them! (I was so happy that I took him later to cafe for some cake). I decided to go a little bit crazy and choose this flower print. Even though it's pretty statement piece and of course sporty, I wear it all the time with dresses (would You like to see how I style them with dresses?). And of course they are comfortable! 

hat- Reserved
And last, but not least! My favorite hat! I just love it. What else can I say? It keeps my head warm and well protected from rain and wind. And it matches to this outfit perfectly.

Hope you enjoy this! Please let me know what is your favorite fashion item! 


P.S Forgive me my dirty mirror. I will clean it! I promise! 


4 komentarze

  1. I absolutely adore the hat and the top! I definitely think those running shoes were a fantastic purchase with spring coming up and all! All the best!


  2. I love your shoes! They're perfect! Cute and awesome! Xoxo

  3. Those shoes are seriously cool and really loving the hat too! You stunner Liliann!