Dior Star.

In basic everyday make up routine, I must admit that I skip foundation step. Or I use my favourite mattifying mousse foundation from La Roche Posey, if I have too much imperfections and my concealer isn’t enough. It is perfect, but lately I found that it is a little bit too much drying my skin. Maybe my skin has changed. Maybe from normal to slightly oily it became normal to dry, or maybe just dry? And I had to find new foundation. That will moisture my skin and even discolorations, cover imperfections and still look natural and flawless! Hard task. 

Few weeks ago, when I was buying perfume, I got the sample of Dior Star foundation. I had a day off the next day, so I decided to use it (I am always trying out new products on day off, so they won't surprise me). The structure was a little bit viscid, but really easy to spread. I was amazed. My skin looked smooth, natural and even. AMAZING. Then I looked on the price. 45 £. Ups. Too much. But the idea of having so smooth skin really spoke to me. I went to Douglas and Sephora and asked for more samples. So that if I will finally decide to buy it, I will be 100% sure I got the right color. I tried two colors: Light beige and Linen. And the first one turned out to be the right one. After another week of trying it and doing full makeup (my friend Natalie, who is interested in makeup, said that one Dior foundation is not working well with bronzers and blushes, and that it rubs off after applying them, so I had to check this) I decided to buy it. 

What I found on the Dior website:
‘’Inspired by the professional illuminating techniques and expertise of its makeup artists, Dior invents Diorskin Star, its 1st brightening foundation: a weightless fluid capable of instantly and lastingly recreating the spectacular and perfecting light of Dior studios.’’

‘’The complexion is instantly more luminous and visibly evener. A new generation of hollow silica beads captures and diffuses light in a correcting halo with no shine. At the same time, colour-filter pigments neutralize colour imbalances to recreate the perfect light. Day after day, the complexion is clarified, purer, more dazzling. Anti-"light trap" skincare ingredients help reduce dark areas, pigment spots and redness.’’

Barbara Hofman 6B brush

Well, I am not gonna lie that I could describe it better. I am using this foundation for too short to notice that my complexion is purer and more dazzling (it sounds funny), but it definitely didn’t make my skin dry or what’s worse- clogged. As for a foundation that costs so much, I must say that I am pleased. And I am happy that if I will put something more on my face, than just concealer, it will be this product.

Be sure to check my blog very soon, cause I will write get ready with me post using this foundation, so that You can see it on me!



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  1. It looks really interesting, but you're right - it's pricey a little bit, but on the other hand, it sounds like you was impressed on the how it works on your skin, Liliann :)


    1. From time to time we can present ourselves something nicer. ;)
      Thanks for comment!

  2. This sounds fantastic! Dior makeup is amazing and this texture looks creamy and luscious. Thanks for sharing. I hope to try this soon!


    1. You should really try this! Go to some drugstore and take many samples to try it out.!

  3. Hi Liliann,
    the flat beauty blender you asked me about is quite okay! And as you said the price is very attractive. And its main advantage is that you can use it for more kinds of make-ups, since it is flat! So I would recommend it to you. :)
    Have a nice weekend. :)

    1. Thank You so much for response! Love u, Have a nice weekend as well!

  4. Your photos are so beautifully done Liliann! It sounds amazing and for that price it really does need to be! I do like the name of it too! <3