Mineral, purifying, creamy?

Purifying, mineral or cream one? Which concealer is the best? And for which imperfection is the right one? Today I am writing about three different concealers that I’ve been using for the past months.

Let’s start with purifying one. Very often they are made from two different colors, beige one and green part. It has dual purifying and concealing action. Green color neutralises blemishes, tones the red color. Beige color is for covering them naturally and discreetly (after using the green part). You should apply it in the morning to each blemish after cleansing our face. But, does it really work? Let’s see the ingredients. Tea tree oil- helps to limit bacteria’s and reduces redness. It should also slightly dry the skin to help to reduce the spot. But there is nothing more than this. Is it working? Well, it’s drying the spot, but I can’t believe that something that is not packed sterile and already can have bacteria’s on in, can be super antibacterial. But the green color is definitely helpful to cover redness, and you can easily put on some foundation. This one is from Oriflame.

Mineral concealer. They should be free of preservatives and chemicals, like parabens, dyes and fragrances. They should be created for people with sensitive skin, so it won’t wreak havoc. Most formulas don’t contain oil as well, so it’s perfect for people with acne-prone skin. But, is it really so natural? Let’s see the ingredients: titanium oxide and zinc oxide. They are called as natural preservatives, and are anti-inflammatory. However, very often it’s impossible to obtain them naturally, so they’re the product of very long special chemical process. Very often You must to have a separate brush to apply such cosmetic. Anyway, I must admit that this is my favourite type of concealer. Because of the brush you apply it strictly just where you want. It’s not oily and even though it’s powdery, this particular from Lily Lolo stay on for the entire day.

Last one- cream concealer. Camouflage is a creamy concealer with a high degree of opacity. It should masks spider veins, small scars, blemishes and spots. It’s thick and super creamy and it blends with the skin pretty well. The ingredients are typical for obtaining such chemical mixture with nice color, so it’s not either natural or super chemical, that will destroy our skin.  Because it’s creamy I decided to use it on different parts of my face. And it’s definitely too heavy for under eyes places, and wrinkles. It’s not covering them but strangely brings out them. But for acnes, discolorations, scars it is perfect. The one I tried is from Catrice.

Which one is Your favourite type of concealer? Please let me know.



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  1. Personally I usually use purifying concealer, but this second one from your selection (mineral) sounds really interesting :)