Mr. Darcy.

Almost a month after Valentine’s Day, and after reading Bridget Jones’s Diary, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, seeing adaptation of both books, series of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth, movie Pride and Prejudice, reading Sex and the City and watching (again) from the beginning all six series, and of course watching both movies, I realize something. Uff, that was a long list (and I am still surprised I found time for this. I am persuading myself that it was all because of scientific researches).

 Even though, every main character was claiming that they can be happy as a single, and there is nothing wrong in being single (I still think so! We, single people, can eat at what time we want, sleep where and when we want, and what’s more, we can be who we want, without changing for another person), they were all trying to get a partner as quick as it’s possible. As if it was the only reason for them to live! One second they say a long monologue giving thousands examples why it’s better and easier and normal! to be single, and few minutes later, they think when was the last time they had sex, or was with someone (I am not talking about Pride and Prejudice, the word: sex was absolutely forbidden! They were calling it: love. Just kidding. I doubt if it was even allowed to think out loud about such things.). There are so many contradictions!

And right know, I am comparing this two different worlds. Nowadays world with liberated, free women, that can have sex with everyone on their condition (hope so!), that dreams about Mr. Darcy who comes from a world when a woman couldn’t say a word without a permission, very often couldn’t choose a partner/husband for herself and completely depended on man (only male heir could inherit a property). Is it normal then to think about Mr. Darcy as this Perfect One nowadays? How Mr. Darcy would behave now? If he still would do everything for his chosen one? Would he confess love straight ahead without looking on his position and behavior of her family? Do we really need Mr. Darcy? After reading Bridget Jones, I was truly in love with him and I almost forgot in what times we live. But then, I realized, that I don’t want a man that would do everything for me and rescue from every oppression. I want to rescue myself! I want a man as a partner, not as a prince. And unfortunately that is in the Sex and a City as well. Mr. Big is either completely ignoring Carrie or rescuing her (like when he flew to France to take her back from Alexander Petrovsky, I hope You watched that episode). 

And I am asking again? Do I really want a prince or is it just Television persuading me that I should want him? How we can find someone without public opinions about how the perfect partner should be? As a feminist, and what’s more, as a woman, I found this topic very difficult. On one hand I dream about Mr. Darcy (or Mr. Big, they’re both pretty attractive) that will fall in love with me, but on the other hand I am wandering what is so special about him? His romantic confessions are limited to few sentences. “In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” It’s all!? I don’t know. I am not even sure if there is any deeper sense in my writing today. I just wanted to share with You my feeling after reading so many typical ‘feminine’ literature that we are bombarded nowadays.

Please let me know Your opinion.


P.S I just find out, that there will be another movie about Jones! Bridget Jones’s Baby! Hope it’s not a joke and it will be released this year. Finger crossed! 

P.S.S I got frustrated, should I start counting calories, amount of alcohol and so on? Will it help?


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  1. That's a very interesting post!
    I've never thought of these movies in that angle, but you said so right things!

  2. Such a creative post!! I love Pride and Prejudice so this was really interesting to read. :)

  3. Oooooo I LOVE this topic and I really like the bit where you wrote " I want a man as a partner, not as a prince." As much as I like Disney films and romantic comedies it teaches us from such a young age that we NEED a man, that a man will come and save us, that we are nothing without a man... and well if you look on the flip side of it a Man needs to be desirable by lots of women and to score lots of chicks... and then you have a lot of people men and women who feel crap about themselves and are constantly seeking validation and their worth in others * I swear a lot of the dating scene*.

    I personally feel what is right for me is to love myself and live my life and my dreams first and foremost then if I want to date, meet someone or love happens that's freakin' damn awesome. Having to relay on someone saving you and needing someone for the most part will end you up in an awful mess. Yes sometimes the love of someone or dating someone heals you in a lot ways and can save you in parts of your life but it shouldn't be the definition or soul purpose of one. Which is incredibly sad when that is pretty much what we are constantly taught.

    1. Thank You so much for such nice long comment!