Music on please!

It is amazing how strange and different music I can listen sometimes. I have days when I can’t stand the idea of rock, and I have to listen some classic music. And I also have quite opposite days.! Here is the list of my favourite songs/ bands that I am in love for the past few weeks.

1.       Savages.
They are so good! It is London rock band, but they’re music is much more than just this!
I specially love few songs: “The answer” here, “Shut Up” here, “Fuckers” here. You must read the lyrics (if you can’t hear them properly), because I think that they are really well ruminate.

2.       “Teamheadkick - Deadpool Rap (Deadpool Original Soundtrack Album)” here
 I love rap in general, but there is something super catchy about this song! You must listen it, I did it millions times (And it’s Your fault Filip!).

3.       Louisa Wendorff.

She is a young artist that creates mixes of different songs into one. She has a very specific style, but she is extremely talented! I really like the one called “Pretty Hurts/Try/Who You Are (Beyoncé, Colbie Caillat, Jessie J Mash-Up)” here.


4.       R. City - Locked Away ft. Adam Levine here

I love such R&B with reggae fusion rhythms. Even though I found this lyrics a little bit sad, my body still wants to dance and shake.


5.       WHERE OR WHEN - Shepheard´s Hotel Jazz Orchestra here

And for the end a little bit of classic music. This famous song is in my favourite movie: The English Patient.

Please let me know what is playing right now on your mp3/ipods/youtube!



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