Nail care.

I wanted to write this post for a long time, because my nails now are strong as never! I always had splitting and breaking problem. And suddenly (despite the fact that I was using conditioners and really taking care of them for a really long time, but they were just breaking for years) something changed. I started using different products and my nails condition also changed. They grew faster, stronger, thicker, whiter. I can’t say exactly what caused this change (because I am too afraid to stop using one product and see which one is really working, what if they start breaking again!?) and definitely my diet has some impact as well (I’m not sure if it is cheese merit, that I eat tones of or rather avocado, just joking).

Starting with cuticles, because before applying conditioner I had to get rid of them, I have two favourite products. First one is Sally Hansen Instant Cuticles Remover. You apply it for 30 seconds and then using wooden cuticle stick you push them back and cut if needed. It is great for even hard skin, both with hands and feet problems. Second product is Bielenda CC Magic Nails Cuticles Remover. As the previous one has the consistency of gel, this one is like a water. You have to be really careful not to spill everything by accident. It is not so strong as Sally but is perfect for everyday use to soften cuticles.

After removing my cuticles I apply conditioner. I have two favourite (but I am showing you three, to let you know what I was using for past years). My least favourite is Sally Hansen Maximum Strength. It is light pink color, so it looks slightly less like conditioner but more like normal nail polish. But! It chips off so quickly! Almost the next day you have nothing on your nails. So I can’t even say if it’s working, because I don’t have time to apply it every single day. Really disappointed. I even was carefully looking on my mom’s nails to see if the same is happening to her. And yes, the same. Next I have Eveline 8 in 1 Total Action Conditioner. It is working really nice. You’re supposed to apply it every day for three days in a row, but I am using it once a week as a base. But! Be careful. This conditioner contains formaldehyde. It is slightly poisonous gas that can irritate your respiratory roads and cause watery eyes. It is great preservative and from it is created formalin (the solution of formaldehyde). If it is used incorrectly, it can be really dangerous. However, I think that because of this product my nails became stronger. Third and last one is PUPA Multi Nail care 7 in 1 conditioner. I am using it for about two months and I am really pleased with this product. It stays on for a really long time and it is a perfect base. My mom is also using this product and she noticed some changes (two previous products didn’t helped her at all). You should remember that to see real changes you must wait until a full new nail will grow. You can’t magically glue broken one.

After conditioner it is time for cream (lately I am not in a mood for colorful nail polishes). I have two favourite creams. First one is Rose Petal Luxury Hand Cream. I found this cream in Kew Garden many years ago, and since then, I get a new one each year from my friend Lucy that lives near this garden. I am not sure if you can find it somewhere else. This cream is slightly oily, so I use it when I really feel like having super dry hands. Second one is Moraz Dry Hands cream. I already mentioned this brand in previous post, saying how much obsessed I am with it. Half of the ingredients are natural!

Please let me know if You would like to see some nail inspirations from me!



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  1. Great post, I definitely need to get better at doing my nails! They're always a mess haha. Would love if you could check out my new fashion post? X

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