I just came back from shopping. And I was extremely excited until I opened my wardrobe and looked for some hanger, to hang my two new beautiful dresses (I hate folding dresses, I just must have them on my hangers). And I realized that not only I have no empty hangers, but I also have no space in my wardrobe. I thought, ok, I just gonna fold them and for a while put in the drawer. And what a surprise was, when I didn’t have there space as well! I know that it’s still winter time and half of the place is filled with big, chunky sweaters, that during summer time I keep in boxes, so it shouldn’t surprise me so much, but it did!

 And I started wondering, if I am not a shopaholic. I looked for the first definition of it. "a frequent shopper, especially one who is
 unable to control his or her spending”. Well I am not frequently shopping, I hardly have time for this. And I am the master to control my spending. I have priorities: studies fees, phone bill, food, books and at the end if I have some money I am buying clothes. Ok, let’s take another definition. “A person who shops compulsively or very frequently”. Well, I don’t feel any coercive inside powers that tell me to buy something. "shopaholics can never resist a bargain". There is something magical in bargains. I must admit it. Today’s dresses are both from sale section. And I also admit, that if they wouldn’t be there, I would never look on them. But just because I couldn’t afford for them! And right now I can. Does it make from me a shopaholic, because I am buying on bargains (I suppose most people do so)?  ” someone who visits stores in search of articles to buy”. Is there any other reason You go for shopping than for looking for something and just buying it? Other way it wouldn’t be called as shopping but as a walk in the midst of shopping centre. Cambridge online dictionary says that shopaholic is a person who ​enjoys shopping very much and does it a lot”. I supposed that it must be sad if someone does not like buying stuff and just collect the money he earn. Very interesting is the origin of this word. It was created in 1980s, from two words: shop and alcoholic. So, someone created this word for people being seriously addicted to shopping and treating this as a serious disease like alcoholism. Can I say no to clothes? Yes. Can I stay away from shops and not buy? Yes. Do I wanna do this? No. Ups. Same as alcoholics probably. They say they don’t have to drink, but they like it, and don’t see the reason not to drink.

 Ok. Let’s analyze it again. I like clothes, because I love fashion, I love playing with different styles, wearing various things every day and having a lot of options. Do I have too much clothes? Good question. Too much for what? For surviving? Yes. For living? Perhaps. For having a fashion fun? No. For having own pleasure? No. Does having so much clothes makes materialist from me? I still prefer a good book instead of clothes. I love walks on the beach and meeting with my friends. And the best presents I got are diy’s. But I just think, that if I earn moneys, I can spend them as well on myself. So it means clothes, makeup, books. I am more calm right now. I am not trying to convince either You or myself or to justify my shopping! I am just intensively thinking how thin barrier is between buying and wearing clothes instead of collecting them just because of bargains.

 And this is what I thought for a while that is a definition of shopaholic: it’s a person that buys impulsively, on credit cards, and collect clothes for just having it, instead of wearing it. But maybe fashion and clothes for some people can be just for collecting. Like collecting old moneys, stamps, dried butterflies or who knows what more! And then this collector may spend thousands of money for a dress he would never wear but just look at. Maybe he will even use his credit card! Oh. It’s so hard to find out who is a shopaholic. I think it is really personal term.  And didn’t even get closer to the answer.

Please let me know what You think! 



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  1. I never buy on impulse if not in some particular moments, but then tend to use all, or almost. ;P
    Unfortunately online see so many things and be swayed by the moment is a sec. It should be very aware of what you really need, but again, it is sometimes difficult. :)

  2. i follow you, your blog is amazing. Love your pictures!

  3. I love this post! I have to admit that I have some shopaholic tendencies but I am trying to control them!

  4. You described me during my shopping sessions! ^^