Spring interior.

I love white and simple interiors. But being honest with You they're not practical at all. Yes, you can take pretty photos in such places and be blogger/vlogger with the best background, but if you have dog (or other pets) like I have, it would be one big disaster. I have beige walls in my room and I still think it's too light color for my dog (she can destroy and dirty everything!). 

Because Spring (and summer is so close!!) has just began, I decided to spice up my room with changing few bits and bobs for more colorful. As you can see I have a dark blue sofa under my bed (I have mezzanine bed). And this color is perfect for winter/ Autumn time. But when it's brighter outside, I also want to have brighter inside.

I put on my sofa checked coverlet from IKEA. It automatically highlight everything. On the side I put light greenish-yellowish blanket (stolen from my brothers' room, but I swear they didn't even notice it, because they weren't using it, it was hidden on the bottom of their wardrobe). And I think it is also from IKEA. 

For the pillows I have four of them. I love fluffy big pillows. The smallest one is (again) from IKEA and I think I should change it for something brighter, but as for now it can be. It has peacock feathers pattern. White big pillow is from Home&You. The yellow and green one with leaves pattern are from H&M. They match perfectly to blanket on the side. 

Near the sofa I have small bed side table. Under I put some box (that originally was in purple color, but I glue white papers on it so it's brighter) where I keep some of the magazines I collect. On the table I have white tray (that is not actually a tray but the cover of other box) where I keep wax chimney (in the smell Fluffy towels from Yankee candle) and a book to get some inspirations from (it's still Love x Style x Life, if you missed my review of this book you can read it here), and some plant. 

I think this part of my room is ready for spring. Now it is time to makeover the other part of my room. 

Please let me know if you would like to see it as well! 



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  1. Yesss! Please show us the rest of your room. I need some inspiration. :) ❤️

  2. Oooo I love the pop of yellow up against the blue and then the pink book just makes it even more beautiful and Spring like!