Clay plates- DIY.

I love to change small pieces in my room. To redecorate it from time to time. But small pieces, like photo frames, nice boxes, plates costs the most. So I decided to try one of the most famous diy on the internet. Clay plates. You can buy it everywhere, but the costs are crazy! For the cost of them I can buy products to made them myself, invite my friend for coffee and cake, buy some fancy notebook and still have money for return ticket from shopping center.

I decided to use a self drying clay (cause I saw some youtubers who burned clay in the oven, this way I thought it will be safer) and formed it into different size rounded plates. One I wanted to be kinked on the side so it will be perfect for keeping in some small earrings and they won’t fall out. The other two are simple and smooth. With one I decided to experiment and bent it a little bit (I am talking about light mint color plate).

 After forming I let it dry. But not over night as I should do probably. I took a hairdryer and dry it with it. This way it took about 30 minutes, but I was able to paint and decorate at the same day! Firstly I painted all of them with white acrylic paint (I believe You can use any type of paint as long as You’re not going to pour on some water). I used my sharpies in three main colors: gold, metallic brown, and silver. Blue plate I made with oil paint and mint plate is made with marker and a little bit of oil paint. It took me about another 30 minutes and voile!

  I am so extremely proud of myself that it look so pretty and actually work.

Please let me know if You will try this as well and if You know any other easy diy!



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