I love hummus. I love any type of paste you can dip in some bell pepper/ cucumber/ celery and tuck with taste. I heard about hummus for the first time few years ago, in some tv show. Then you could find it everywhere in restaurants and small cafés, but the price was crazily high. Right now prices are slightly lower but still crazy for me. I tried few pre-made from shop with preservatives and other chemical ingredients but I didn’t like them. I tried to do this at home. I did many versions. On the beginning I was even buying raw chick peas, putting it in the water for all night and then cooking it for 30 minutes. But I decided that there is no point in doing this. So I started buying already pre-cooked chick peas that saves so much my precious time! Today I will show you my favourite recipe for hummus!

300 gram of chick peas
Table spoon of tahini
100 ml of olive oil
One onion
Table spoon of water
Paprika, salt, chili

Basically, all you have to do is just to blend everything together. I like to blend firstly chick peas with onion, tahini (sesame paste, it is possible to do this at home, but you must have good blender or food processor, that I don’t have) and olive oil. Then depending on how thick my mixture will be I am adding desired amount of water to slightly loosen consistency.

Then spices, I like my hummus to be with dried paprika and chili to add something extra to it. A little bit of salt and it is almost done! I chopped some parsley to sprinkle on top and voile! It is ready to eat. Most of the time I eat it with bell pepper, but lately my friend said she like to spread a little bit on rye bread, put on some tomatoes and lettuce and believe or not but this way it is also super tasty. 

Let me know, if you will try this recipe! 



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  1. Gosh I have eaten hummus in years, it was only the premade ones but this looks like fun to make and it is always so good to know exactly what has gone into it!