Joie de vivre

A delight in being alive,
Carefree enjoyment of living.
Birds sing and sun shines.
Croissants and fresh ground coffee.

But I am lying in bed, freezing,
without coffee or bread.
From my window no shines
comes through.
I am in my big oversized pyjama,
with cup of mint tea for soothing my stomach
after yesterday’s club madness.

Something in my head is trembling,
not some idea or thoughts
but simple head ache
caused by too many percents.
Time is calling and cold shower
is a need.

I open the haversack and find there
a bread roll.
Not a fresh croissant served by
some handsome French.
I close my eyes for a second.
I am tired and calm.
Calm and happy.
Happy and satisfied.
It is my joie de vivre.


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