Real feminism.

I wanted to talk about this for a really long time, but I didn't have the idea how to put my words together. I still don't know how, so I am just gonna improvise. 

I am a woman, a proud of being one and I must admit that I can't imagine how a woman cannot be a feminist. For me the word: feminism is strictly connected with every female sex person. How a woman, cannot want to be equal and have rights (not only obligations) and to simply take care of herself and other sisters!? Maya Angelou (have You ever read her poem called Phenomenal Woman? You must! here) said: "I'm a feminist, I've been a female for a long time. It'd be stupid not to be on my own side". But I know one girl that claims she wants to sit at home and wait for her man with warm food, cake and be for his pleasure. Disgusting. I hope one day (when she will be working hard at regular job, having three children on her head and home) she will see what waiting for a man means.

Saying a feminism I don't mean any strict feminism. Same as with the religions there are of course different types of feminism as well. You can be super religious and not eat meat on every Friday (or even fish, because I think that fish is also a meat, same protein, same muscles and fat, but my story about vegetarianism, will be for another time) or you can still go to church but don't recognize fast. Same with everything. You can be a feminist that hates man (really strict one, that sadly is just about stigmatizing male sex) and you can be lighter feminist that just want the calm and peace. And there is something between, that I like to call real feminism. It is someone who tries to look objectively (I know that it's not possible, from a view of any sex), that fights for real women issues and talks reasonable. 

There is one such person that I truly admire and adore. Her name is Ingrid Nilsen aka missglamorazzie. She is a YouTuber that uses this social media very consciously. She already did a video called: Your vagina matters! And other. Lately came out video called What should you use during period. And I must admit that for a young shy girls that are afraid of asking adults (or girls that have no one to ask about such things) this video is perfect. She just took care of us, sisters. Without any shame, she did a video about something that is super natural, completely not from our fault and very often is treated as something disgusting, when it shouldn't. She gave tones of advices and showed how to use tampons, pads and menstruation cups (am I the only one who never heard about them?). I am so proud of her. Another reason, why I think she is a perfect example of real feminist taking care of real issues, are her questions to president Barack Obama. This year she was also invited to take part in event when chosen people from social media are allowed to ask some questions to him. And one of the question was: why tampons are taxed as a luxurious product when it's something that is used every day? What a good question! You must admit! I had no idea about it. Of course there are different taxes in different countries, and her question was strictly about America. But it's just really interesting why it is so. Why they pay more taxes for tampons as if it was some perfume or cream? Barack Obama said he had no idea about it, and probably he won't change anything, but for me, matters the fact that she asked about it. She noticed that there is such problem. This is real feminism. Not looking for some not existing problems and hating man, but seeing everyday problems and trying to solve them. Because it is for all of us. If we, women will be healthy, our children (and as well men) will be healthy and so on. 
Another thing is that people claim that women In Europe had nothing to fight for. That the real issues and problems are only in Arabic countries. That is the total bullshit, that is said by people who have no idea about unequal treating of women also in Europe. Not so long ago, HeForShe (great organization that involves men speaking about being equal with women) got support from different countries government. And for example the prime minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven, said that women in Sweden earn about 87% of what men earn. Well, if someone claimed that there is equality and feminism have no sense in Europe, you can see some important data here. This numbers wasn’t fake up by me. The Prime Minister said them (and You can watch this here). So if he said so, there is a realistic problem, that we should fight with. He is involved in HeForShe on Equal Pay. Same as Him, the other Prime Minister, this time from Iceland, Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, also decided to support this campaign (here)

As a feminist I love to take care of my female friends. I think we should all create one common society where we can trust each other. I try to understand why the word: feminism is so hated nowadays. Sadly, (or luckily, I still don’t have my own opinion) this word is quickly connected to the Femen organization. It is Ukrainian group of women that are brave enough to show they’re body naked (half naked, they still wear pants) with different words on upper part. Is it working? Well, I don’t know. It is definitely controversial and people speak about them, but is it giving any real results? Did it help to Muslim women for example? I hope so. Being honest with You I am for any form of speaking about feminism, and I think I like even this form. Anything that will protect us and fight for us is a good option.

Please let me know if You would like to know more of my opinions! And let me know what You think!



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