Liberated woman.

Not so long ago my close friend asked me a strange question. Strange because I wasn’t expecting it. A week before she broke up with her boyfriend, and she asked if she would have some sex now with other would that mean that she is a whore? Because she had an accidental sex with someone she didn’t plan to be with and did it after the break up? She was seriously afraid that this situation would mean that she has no self-respect.

Men can have an adventitious sex just for pleasure. They can fly from one flower to the other and the only thing we will say about them is that they are choosy, immature or simply can’t decide what they want in their life. But I have never heard that someone would say that they are a males whores. That because they had so many girls they have no self-respect. Actually, I can hear something quite opposite. The more girl man has, the more he knows and the better he can choose his future partner (because he has comparison). Boys are practically encouraged, by very often fathers, sometimes mothers that can’t stand the idea of their son who stabilize his life with one partner and will move out soon, friends and medias, to have more than one partner. And that is kind of right. It is nice to have some comparison. But have You ever heard something like this concerning girls? Never.

It is well known that untouched girl, the best virgin, with no previous partners is the most worth. And I don’t think just about the Arabic countries where for a virgin you can still get a camel, and if she is not pure she is not worth anything. Even nowadays, in Europe, men love to hear that they were first in their sexual life. It is still almost unimaginable that the girl can have a sex just for her physical pleasure. That she can do this to relax herself, to fulfill her animal nature. Sex and man are easily connected with words like: free, adventures, no promises, nature, pleasure, fun, one night. But if You think about girl and sex the only words I can hear from others are: home, family, husband, safety. Where is the word pleasure? Why this can’t be on the first place for both sexes? Why not everyone can release his nature?

Since the beginning of human life sex was just for men. It is well known that even in Ancient time, when the greatest philosophers just came out with the biggest thoughts, were mathematics created basic and yet the most genius theories that the future will thank them for, when the amazing dramas where written, the wives who liked sex were disdained and men sought sexual pleasure of marriage with young boys, slaves, and male prostitutes. The only exception was Sparta where women sexuality wasn’t ridiculed, but respected. That’s why sometimes Spartans’ life are called as austere, prudish and full of pornography, but at least they immortalizes married couples as partners.

Later in the Middle Ages, when You might think the people are more aware of themselves, because they already have some history, some great past, it is even worse. The sex was completely forbidden on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. It wasn’t allowed to have sex in daylight and when You were naked. When the woman was pregnant, had menstruation as well- forbidden. When it was Lent, Whitsun week, Easter, any other feast days and fast days. But yet! As long everything what I wrote above was forbidden by church, one thing was completely ignored by them. The prostitution. There is nothing more famous in the middle ages than the history of prostitution. Of course, who could use one? Men. And very often the regular customers were from the wealthier class not a casual bread-eater and definitely not a woman.
Coming closer to the modern ages the hope started arising. The industrial revolution in 1800s pushed people together and sex became more liberal. In 1960s when the birth control pill was on the market, letting women to at least think about sex without protection and unwanted children.

Nowadays, when the world should be equal and everyone should have same pleasure from this act we still crawl on all fours in this topic. Hopefully, this unequal treating will change in a future. I am dreaming about liberated women that are not afraid to reach for their own pleasure and partners that will support them in their will.

I dedicate this post to my friend so she can remember I will love her no matter with who she will sleep and for what reasons.


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  1. I hate how in this day and age there is still double standards and how women are there "just to pleasure the man". I'm all for women doing what makes them happy and making there own choices I do think however in both sexes it's important to question our why though? Too many people end up using sex as a way to cope with bigger issues which in the long leads them to feeling like crap or for the sake of just boasting their egos which for me personally I don't feel is healthy. As long as everyone is happy with their choices and has an understanding with themselves of their why screw society's standards.

  2. Hello sister :) you are beautiful! You are right that sex is not seen as the same between male and female. But i think it is mostly a personal choice. I am 22 and only been with 2 boys in that way, and i feel dignified and comfortable with that whilst other people may prefer to try more men. I think the point is, do what you want to do and dont care about the rest of the world. As long as you are happy, you shouldnt care what anyone else thinks.

    Silver xxx